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Welcome to my Portfolios page!

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Date: 2015.01.07

This is my Portfolios page. I want visitors to utilize to see easily and in detail. This blog started for a English writing class of a university. I think this shows my improvement on English skill. The skill is still pore, but I hope you enjoy seeing my blog!!

0.0. Proto-Portfolios

Reflections on Proto-Portfolios

・I worked hard in October and November.
・I put many graphics for making nice blog.
・2nd Semester is no red line.

1.0. 1st Semester Portfolio

Blog start is very hard to write in English for me and 1st had some red line, but the graphics, links and media was good work.

1.1. Essay Showcase

Best Essay

My best essay is Essay 1-02b: The Great University, because it was written much words for 1st semester and and I like this topic about the university where I am going.
➡ The Great University

Overall Essay Developments
My writing skill in English have been improving remarkably, and also the composition and thought one. Word and paragraph counts rose. These contents had been better little by little.

1.2. Book Review Showcase

Best Book Review
My best book review is Diana Princess of Wales. She is very famous woman and I have been interested before I read the book. The book review was good opportunity to know about her for me, and also I think the review is my best blog work to put graphics and a media.
Diana Princess of Wales
Overall Book Review Developments
I have been getting a skill to explain book stories briefly. I often read non-fiction story for 1st so I learned about many things, Diana is that one. My English vocabulary gained by reading many books.    

2.0. 2nd Semester Portfolio

My 2nd semester Portfolio is here. You can see my essay and book reviews easily and directly from this lists.

2.1. Essay Showcase

Best Essay
My best Essay is A Original and the remake of Ghost. I like watching movies, so I enjoyed to writing about this essay in English and could write smoothly the best. As you see, the word count is much number as the sign. In addition, this essay worked with my friend together, and the sense of achievement was big.
A original and the remake of Ghost

Overall Essay Developments
Typing speed writing in English had been fast remarkably by these essay writing in this year. I could get a skill to expand stories a little. Especially, I felt so much that writing about something is the best tool for me to learn English myself.

2.2. Book Review Showcase

Best Book Review
My best book review is The Peach Boy. I was very interesting to read a Japanese story in English and could enjoy to read it. I thought I want to read other book like this much more.
The peach Boy

Overall Book Review Developments
I often read fiction stories a lot so I had been getting various book descriptions like animal voice and sound something. It was very amazing thing to me, because voice and sound description is different by countries.

2.3. Additional Highlights and Reflections

This blog writing was big benefit to me, because my writing skill certainly grew u although it was hard thing to me. What I am taught the way writing in a style appropriate from native teacher is huge valuable thing to me. This blog can say my growth evidence. Thank you for seeing and reading the growth and this blog.


  1. Thanks for participating in Writing III-IV.

    1. Thanks to your teaching, I could improve my writing skill in English. Thank you so much!!